Meet The Staff (2018 – 2019)


Mrs Ashley

Acting Principal (awaiting photo)

Nursery Team

Mrs Beardsley

Nursery Teacher & EYFS Lead

Mrs Wolczyk

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Reception Team

Miss Rafferty

Reception Teacher

Mrs Constance

Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Million

Reception Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Miss Mclean

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Perry

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

Mrs Smith

Year 2 Teacher (awaiting photo)

Mrs Lavelle

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Team

Mrs Woodward

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Spencer

Year 3 Teacher (awaiting photo)

Mrs Vince

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Miss Jacobs

Year 4 Teacher (awaiting photo)

Mrs Bowerman

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Mr Kirby

Year 5 Teacher (awaiting photo)

Mrs Cadden

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

Mr Allen

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Morrissey

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Curriculum Staff not based in a particular year group.

Mr Hunt

Supporting the computing curriculum and resolving technical issues – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Ms Brady

Ms Brady will be supporting several children in different year groups this year.

Mrs Rutkowski

Supporting SLT by releasing them for their PPA & management time

Support Staff

Mrs Zizi

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Evans

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Baker

Learning Mentor

Mr Drake

Site Services Officer

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Hanif

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Onsykiewicz

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Ellis

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Parker

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor