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      Sep 14, 2017

Year 6

Spring Curriculum Summary

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World War 2 day in Year 6


Year 6 had a lot of fun on their World War 2 day.

curriculum.summary.logo AUTUMN

Curriculum Summary

Autumn Curriculum Summary


Year 6 Working hard to meet new curriculum expectations

Year 6 have really been working hard in preparation for SATs. This year has proven to be quite a challenge with the raised expectations of the curriculum and getting to grips with all the new areasof learning has been and will continue to be, very full on leading to SATs. However, the Year 6 children have come back to the Summer term with an excellent attitude to learning. Keep being switched on and working hard year 6!


Year 6 - Learning by experience with the BBC!

Year 6 children who remained in school during this summer term’s Dol Y Moch had a fantastic week of learning.¬†They were given an amazing tour of the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire where they learned how a radio and television station worked. They got to meet famous media personalities like Trish Adudu and Brody Swain as well as speaking to and interviewing key members of staff about their jobs. The children came away filled with excitement and knowledge about a new area of aspiration for their future careers! They behaved immaculately and were highly praised by all the staff at BBC C&W. Our children still had a fantastic time of learning by experience.

with Reception

Year 6: Each one - Teach one!

While our ‘Dol Y Mochers’ were away at the start of the summer term, the rest of year 6 enjoyed two days of ‘Each one-teach one’ where they were teachers to reception children for two mornings. The Year 6 children did a fantastic job of making us proud as teachers, showing lots of patience and responsibility as they guided children to do Easter Art and a practical Science investigation on mini-beasts. Reception really enjoyed their time with their older school members and learned about using paper craft to create Easter eggs as well as learning about mini-beasts and their habitats.

door of mercy st chads

Year 6 Visit St Chad's Cathedral

On Thursday 28th January, our Year 6 children visited St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed celebrating mass at St. Chad’s Cathedral today and the children were praised for their excellent behaviour and show of reverence throughout the day. The children with key roles in the upcoming year six confirmation, took offertory and served on the altar very well and we all enjoyed a historically rich tour of the beautifully built cathedral. They learned more about the patron Saints for our Year of Mercy and took away many teachings on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.They were also ucky enough to bump into Archbishop Bernard while they were there who happened to be in the cathedral at the time.

The day was well received by both children and staff and the children look forward to writing about St. Chad in school.


Year 6 Remembrance Poems

For Remembrance Day, Year 6 wrote some poems.

Read on for some of our poems

Crumbing Coventry

It is a mystery of history,
Bricks lying beneath your feet.Crumbling cobble toppled on top of each other,
Gravestones dug in to the ground
Such a horrible sight.

Lost little souls lying down,
Resting for eternity
As I mourn in the meadow,
Children play in the sun,
Until the day is done

By Shannon

We Remember

As the earth turn the souls of the resting soldiers
Who died in the war wake from their slumber below
Those above, pay their loving respects by wearing
Red as blood poppies
The soldiers who rest beneath their marble cross still
Remain strong and bold for their country
But will still lovingly rest in peace

By Bella