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      Sep 14, 2017

Year 5

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Van Gogh Art Afternoon

This afternoon Year 5 have tried to recreate their own version of Starry Night using swirls, circles, sidewayslines and curves just like Van Gogh




HEALTH WEEK: Drink Plenty

Todays focus for Health Week was ‘Drink Plenty’. We researchd the importance of drinking lots of water and the consequences for our helath if we don’t. We then used this information to create labels for our own bottles of water (which we then drank throughout the afternoon!) 



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HEALTH WEEK: Fruit Tasting Challenge

On day 2 of Health Week we tasted losts of different fruits to help us reach our 5 a Day target. We found the origin of all the fruits then rated them out of 5. Pineapple was very popular! Some of us like the fruit more than others! 



HEALTH WEEK: A Healthy Breakfast

Today was the beginning of Health Week and to kick start our week we had breakfast together as a class. We had toast with either butter or jam (or both!) which we spread ourselves. We washed this down with a delicious glass of orange juice. We then researched the benefits of starting the day with a healthy breakfast and created colourful and persuasive leaflets.



Aspirations Day

On Thursday 26th May, year five enjoyed taking part in aspirations day. We listened to talks from a Jaguar engineer and Paul from Free Radio. We then had a go creating job adverts and interviewing each other.


Computing - Scratch

This afternoon we have enjoyed learning on Scratch and creating our own esafety character.


Wednesday 27th April - Mission Morning

Year 5 enjoyed today’s Mission Morning. We brainstormed all the things we thought makes Good Shepherd great and then created newspaper reports to celebrate our success.


Pop Art Day

Year 5 enjoyed celebrating pop art day last week as our North American topic came to an end. We learnt all about Andy Warhol and discussed how we could use different colours to show different moods in our own pop art.


Curriculum Summary

curriculum summary summer 2016

Here is the curriculum summary for the summer term in year 5.


Learning Logs

This week we received some super Holy Week learning logs in year 5.

Year 5 Holy Week


Y5 Holy Week

Stations of the cross stained glass windows.

Year 5 Holy Week


Y5 Holy Week

Year 5 enjoyed using different mediums to represent Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.


Y5 Holy Week

This week we are reflecting on Holy Week. On Tuesday we interviewed Jesus and the traders in the temple to imagine how they felt. The children really enjoyed the hot seating task.

y5 writing day

Y5 Writing Morning

On Monday year 5 had a writing morning inspired by The Secret Garden. We began by designing making our own secret gardens using lots of different materials. There are certainly some budding gardeners in our class. We then wrote instructions telling others who to make our gardens. The children have now taken their gardens home to water them and watch the grass grow.


Y5 Sculpture

On Wednesday Year 5 applied their learning from their trip to the Herbert Art Gallery by making sculptures of Greek athletes. We tried hard to think about our learning in art on drawing people in action and turned this into 3D sculptures. Year 5 found it hard working with the clay before it dried but tried really hard to make their sculptures.


Y5 Sculpture at the Herbert

On Thursday year 5 visited the Herbert Art Gallery. During our visit we learnt about sculpture and all the different sculpting techniques, such as casting, carving and modelling. We then had a go at using clay to create a bust. We look forward to applying the skills we learnt at school.


Year 5 commemorated Remembrance Day through art and poetry. We looked at images of poppy fields and used this to help us create some super poems. Have a look at Sidona and Logan’s poems in the photographs below.

In the afternoon we then learnt step by step how to use painting techniques to help us recreate Van Gogh’s poppy field.


Greek Olympic Art Day - Year 5

In Year 5 we have been learning about how to draw people in action. We used the techniques we learnt to help us draw different Greek Olympic athletes in action.

Olivia – I enjoyed learning how to use different grades of pencils in my drawings.

Logan – I really like art and I have enjoyed learning about cross hatching. Also I have enjoyed drawing people.


Canticles of Creation

On Wednesday 30th September we looked at the life of St Francis of Assisi. In particular we reflected on the beautiful words in his Canticle of Creation. Children were then inspired to write their own Canticles.


Poetry Writing Day

Poetry Writing Day – Daffodils by William Wordsworth

On Monday 28th September we spent the day looking at William Wordsworth’s classic poem – Daffodils. We highlighted all the figurative language used and then used it to help us create our own poems. After sketching and looking at rose children then used this to create their own poems.


Freshwater Theatre Visit

On Wednesday 23rd September year 5 were visited by the Freshwater Theatre Company. They helped year 5 travel back in time to the Ancient Greek period. As a class we acted out a variety of well known TV shows with an Ancient Greek twist. The children really enjoyed being on ‘I’m an Athenian Get me out of here!’.
The children enjoyed the visit and it really helped launch our Ancient Greece topic.