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      Sep 14, 2017

Year 4


Tasting Spanish Food!

As part of our topic on Europe and Spain, the children in Year 4 tried out some Spanish food this week. While opinions were sharply divided olives (‘YUK!’ to ‘Yum, Yum’) we liked the Tescos Churros, Chorizo, Spanish omlette and oranges. We also tried Manchego cheese, paella and Jamon – at least most people did!


Curriculum Summary Summer Term 2017

Y4 Summary of Work for Summer Term 2017

Online Activies for Europe Topic

Try out these online activities we had a go at in class to learn the names of the mountains and rivers in Europe. They work best on a laptop or computer. Warning, they are hard so dont worry if you have to guess a lot the first time you play!

Name the mountains in Europe

Name the rivers in Europe

Curriculum Summary Spring 2017

Read a summary of work for Spring Term 2017


Romans Day

Year 4 had fun on Tuesday with a Romans day. We shared our projects, did some marching, answered the register in Latin and had a Roman feast with children being slaves and Romans. We also practiced some songs about the Romans that we will perform in assembly. Lots of fun but lots of learning about the Roman too.



Investigating circuits

Year 4 have been investigating circuits in science. They predicted which circuits would work and tested their ideas.

curriculum.summary.logo AUTUMN

Curriculum Summary Autumn 2016

Read a summary of work for Autumn term 2016



This year, Class 4 have been all learning to play the ukulele and for our tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday we rehearsed and performed the National Anthem. The children have got the hang of playing the uke really well!

Spanish Food Tasting

Year 4 spanish food olives spanish food churros spanish food choriz orangetried some Spanish food on Monday. We loved the churros, the Manchego cheese and the Spanish oranges. Also popular was Jamon ham and chorizo. We were divided on Spanish olives – it ws loven them or hate them!

The Witches

Year 4 have been reading The Witches by Roald Dahl

Here is some of the work we have done.

Y4 witches37 Y4 witches38

morn music - 1.

KS2 Morning of Music

Year 4 took part in the Morning of Music at St Lawrence’s school on Tuesday 15th March. Also taking part were Henley Green, Edgewick and St Lawrence’s. The theme of the morning was ‘The Road to Rio’ and we have been learning some fantastically catch songs with a samba beat! Our party piece was an Olympics themed version of ‘Happy’. Lots of children had the opportunity to play tuned and untuned percussion and the whole morning was a lot of fun.


Weird Science in Y4

Year 4 have been learning about solids, liquids and gases and we fascinated by the way cornflour and water acts. Have you ever tried it? Get a bag of cornflour from the supermarket and pour it into¬† large bowl. Stir in A LITTLE water until it feels like a thick paste. Then try picking up a handful of it and squeezing. It FEELS like a solid but when you open your hand it runs out like a liquid! We tried stirring it with a ruler. It LOOKED like a liquid but FELT like dragging the ruler through concrete. When you dip your hand in the mixture it looks wet, but if you touch your ‘wet’ hands, they are dry! Amazing science!

y4 sound - 6.

Sounds Like Fun!

Year 4 had fun exploring how sounds are made on Wednesday.

They tried out string telephones, looked at how tuning forks work, played a range of musical instruments and did a really interesting experiment with a piece of string and a fork!


Roman Numerals Activities

We have been learning about Roman Numerals this week. Try out these online activities for a bit of a challenge

Transum has a great quiz that has LOTS of levels, starting easy but ending up very tricky!

AAAmath – scroll down a bit to try out the activity for adding and subtracting. There are also three challenge games you can try


Year 4 Remembrance Letters

For Remembrance Day, Year 4 wrote letters to the three soldiers from Good Shepherd who were killed in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010. James Fullarton, Shaun Bush and Guy Mellors all attended Good Shepherd school and have a plaque in our memorial garden.

The Y4 children thought about how brave they were to give up their lives fighting for Britain. They wrote letters to the soldiers to say thank you.


Year 4 Romans Trip

Year 4 went on a trip to learn more about the Romans on Thursday. At Rugby museum we looked at artefacts from the Roman site of Tripontium, including pottery and a skeleton. We acted like archaeologists and took measurements of some real artefacts. We looked at different types of pottery and tried on some Roman style clothes.

In the afternoon we went to the Lunt fort at Baginton. Two Roman soldiers showed us around after checking that we knew the password before letting us through the gates! We climbed the battlements and looked at the gyrus where they trained horses. Some people dressed up in Roman armour too.

Everyone had a great day and learned a lot.

y4 animations

Animations on Composer Day

We had a Composer Day in September when we listened to Mozart’s Horn Concerto. We then used I Can Animate on the iPad to create animations to make our robots dance to the music! It was a lot harder than it looked. You have to move your figure a TINY bit each frame.