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      Sep 14, 2017

Year 3

Curriculum Summary

Click on the link below to read Year 3’s Curriculum Summary for the Summer Term.

Year 3 Summer Curriculum Summary

Curriculum Summary

Click on the link below to read Year 3’s Curriculum Summary.

Year 3 Curriculum Summary 


Roald Dahl Week

Year 3 have been reading Esio Trot and had some special visitors this week!


Health Week

On Friday we finished off the week with the Queens tea party. We had great fun making our own sandwiches, making crowns and also colouring in flags!


Health Week

On Thursday we had Olympic day . We also made masks to celebrate in the style of Rio!


Health Week

On Wednesday we had to drink plenty. To help us do this we decorated our water bottles!

image image

Health Week

On Tuesday we had an assembly with Mr Reynolds, who is from Solihull Catering Services. He was teaching us how to be healthy. We then produced posters and leaflets to inform others.

image image

Health Week

This week we are having a health week in school. We started the week, 13th June, with breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. We really enjoyed eating breakfast together!


Aspirations Day

Today we have had the chance to see a range of careers and the skills required to help us to decide what we could do in the future. We have had a great time listening to Dean Kavanagh, a lady from Jaguar, Solihull Caterers and producer Paul from FreeRadio.


First Holy Communion Thanksgiving Mass

The First Holy Communion children getting ready to receive Jesus for the second time during our Thanksgiving Mass in school. Well done to all of the children who have been a credit to myself and Mrs Perry. Congratulations to you all. 


FHC retreat Day 5th May

Today we are very lucky in Year 3 to be joined by the chaplain from Cardinal Wiseman, Lauren. We have been working hard reflecting on the story of the Last Supper to help us prepare for our First Holy Communion.


Mission Morning 27th April

To begin with we looked at what Good Shepherd means to Year 3 and why it is special to us.  We then produced collages to show this. 


Weaving fun in Year 3

Year 3 also had a go at weaving during our DT day. We all really enjoyed it and found it a lot easier than the sewing! Here are some examples.

y3 sewing

DT Day

On Tuesday 12th April year 3 had a DT day where we learnt about the history of silk ribbon weaving and how Coventry used to be famous for it.
Our DT focus was textiles where we were learning to weave and to stitch using cross stitch and running stitch.  Although it was a bit tricky we enjoyed it.


Curriculum Summary Summer Term 2016

Click here to read a Summary of Year 3 work for the Summer term 2016(PDF)

y3 dt day

DT Day

Year 3 had a DT day on Thursday where they made moving monsters. We used lots of different skills and once we had made our monsters we then evaluated them. We really enjoyed making them and investigating how pneumatic systems work.


Y3 Remembrance Day

On Wednesday 11th November year 3 were learning about world war 1 as part of our work on British values. We were learning about the impact of this world war and why it’s so important to remember.


Y3 History Work

Year 3 have been learning about the Iron Age in our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. Here are some posters that we produced in groups with all of the information that we have researched.


Poetry in Y3

Year 3 had a writing day on Friday. We were preparing a poem to perform before we had a go at writing our own poem. These are pictures of us performing our poem, “A poem to be spoken silently” by Pie Corbett.


Year 3 Discover Sundials

Year 3 have been learning about how shadows are formed. We made sundials and then went out onto the playground to help us to understand how shadows can be used to tell the time.


What's Happening in Year 3?

This week, week beginning 12th October, year 3 are learning about weight. We started off with a practical session to understand how heavy the weights actually are.

Year 3 are entering a poetry competition called Poetry Emotion. We were learning different poetry techniques to help us, for example alliteration and similes.