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      Sep 14, 2017

Reception Class

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Reception Summer Term 2017


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Reception Spring Term

curriculum.summary.logo AUTUMN

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Reception Autumn Term Curriculum Summary



Trip to the Oxford Natural History Museum

On Thursday 14th July, Reception visited Oxford’s Natural History Museum. We have been learning about dinosaurs in class, and it was very interesting to learn about how we know about dinosaurs. We got to look very closely at dinosaur fossils and even smell some fossilised dinosaur poo! Everyone had a great time, and the children were very well behaved.

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A Hairdressers has opened in Reception

Some children were expressing an interest in hairdressers, so we set up a fully equiped hairdressers role play in the classroom. It has been very popular! The children have been booking appointments over the phone and creating some special hairstyles on everyone. During our recent family morning, even the parents couldn’t escape!

The children have engaged in very imaginative play and used great language to share their ideas for hairstyles and thoughts on the results.



Health Week and Olympic Day

This week the whole school has been learning how to be healthy. In Reception, we made our own fruit kebabs with five pieces of fruit on them, so that we remember to try and eat our Five-A-Day.

On Thursday, we took part in the Olympic day. In the morning, we had a go at a range of activities like hurdles, running races, throwing hoops and long jump. In the afternoon, we made our own masks, inspired by the Carnival in the Olympic host city of Rio de Janiero in Brazil. It was a busy day, but we all had a lot of fun, and the masks were very colourful!


Minibeast Hunt!

We have been looking at Minibeasts in class, so we went on a Minibeast hunt around school. We found all sorts of minibeasts! Centipedes, ladybirds, woodlice, snails, caterpillars… The children were very excited by all the different minibeasts and got really stuck in!


Growing our own beanstalks

As part of Reception’s topic on Growing, and linked to our class story Jack and the Beanstalk, we grew our own beanstalks! The children were very attentive and looked after them really. At the end of the topic, they took them home to continue growing them. Some children have bought in pictures and even beans from their beanstalks!


Visit to The National Sea Life Centre

On 14th March, Reception went to Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre as part of our topic of Under the Sea. The children were fascinated by the range of different animals on display, including sharks, penguins and seahorses. They learned lots of interesting facts about the sea animals and got to have a hands-on experience with some starfish.  The children had a wonderful time and were very well-behaved.


Fire Fighters Come to Good Shepherd!

For the past few weeks, Reception has been learning about fire fighters and what they do. The children have been role playing as fire fighters in the Reception Fire Station; they took phone calls, wrote incident reports and put out fires around the classroom.


Wedding Bells!

On Thursday, Reception went to St Elizabeth’s Church. The children were exceptionally well behaved and had a wonderful time learning about the church. They also acted out a wedding service.

After church, we went back to school and had a wedding reception party with cake! Everyone had lots of fun.


What's Happening in Reception Class?

This first half term in Reception has been very busy! The children have settled into their new class and school brilliantly. We in Reception are all very proud of them.

After the children became fascinated by magnets, we started to look at different materials and we looked at the story of The Three Little Pigs. We learnt to retell the story using actions.

We built some houses ourselves and pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf and blow them down (using a hairdryer!)

Our next topic was linked to the Harvest Festival. We looked at Handa’s Surprise, the story of a little girl who takes some fruit to her friend. But some sneaky animals cause a big surprise at the end! During the topic, the children looked at and tasted the fruit in the story, and also painted animals mentioned in the story.

Our last topic before half term is on Weddings. We wrote invitations to the wedding, and talked about what happened in weddings. The children will be visiting St Elizabeth’s and St Helen’s Church, where they’ll take part in a role play of a wedding.